How better to test and develop a road & track sports car than to enter one into a GT championship!

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Avatar (codenamed ONE) has competed in the demanding Castle Combe Sports & GT championship during 2014 and 2015 seasons finishing 2nd and 3rd in class respectively.

Not without its fair share of problems typical during any car development phase (mostly due to use of somewhat unreliable Audi turbocharged setup in the development car), Avatar race driver Dylan Popovic clearly demonstrated the car’s track capabilities by opening the 2015 season with 2 class wins and a second place finish in the first 3 races.

Competing against some proven machinery such as Ginetta G50 GT4 or TVR Tuscan with LS3 chevy engine, we amassed somewhere in the region of 1200 flying laps of valuable reliability and performance data that allowed us to perfect the chassis, suspension, brakes and other key components.

The latest model, Avatar Roadster directly benefits from the racing programme – making the new Roadster an impeccably behaved racing car in a road car disguise.

We let Ben Collins (ex Top Gear Stig) out in the car for a few laps.. He came back with a big smile, full of compliments on the handling and swiftly went out for a few more laps again… :)